As students, learning is one of our biggest priorities. However, no matter how much we might enjoy a subject, staring at a textbook for long periods of time is sometimes extremely tedious. Which makes focusing hard. However, with the creation of StudyHub, our inspiration came in the form of Wordle, a rampant popular and simple word game which we found to be fun to play. Hence we incorporated the elements of Wordle into studying. We created an adaptation of Wordle, called chemordle, to make studying more fun. Along with that, we also added organizational tools lie a to-do list, sticky notes, and a pomodoro timer to ensure students can make the most out of their study time.

What it does

The StudyHub is a studying tool for students to practice their knowledge and develop good study habits. Our website will use effective and engaging study methods such as Wordle in order to test user knowledge in a more interactive manner comparatively to traditional studying methods. It also encourages users to develop organizational skills, and with an easy to use design, its accessible for everyone.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and coded the website on replit.

Challenges we ran into

JavaScript was a coding language that none of us experience in, so attempting the Chemordle was our biggest hurdle. We also found it challenging to code the Pomodoro timer, since that was something we had never done before. Another challenge we faced was creating the to-do list and sticky notes. None of us had experience with JavaScript before the competition, so we had to learn it and implement it, along with help from external sources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to complete the Chemordle with external support, and were able to hit the deadline. We are also proud of the sticky notes and other organizational tools we created using help from the internet, and the fact that the title on the homepage changes colours gradually to portray our colour theme.

What we learned

We've learnt that through this process, collaboration is highly required to work together, and the experiences of programs as well. We also learned that determination and resilience is important in coding. None of us knew how to code in JavaScript before the competition, so we were determined to learn it to make our website more user-friendly. We also learned how to delegate tasks to different members of the team so everyone does equal amounts of work, and manage our time to ensure everyone was on task and we could meet the deadline.

What's next for Study Hub

We have several ideas for improvements we can make, including:

  • Accommodations for other subjects, ie. math and other areas of science
  • A chat forum similar to Stack Exchange, where students can find help for their questions
  • An embedded thesaurus/dictionary
  • Embedded grammar checker than can be toggled on and off
  • A text-to-speech function to accommodate audio/audio-visual learners

Chemordle improvements:

  • Fun facts: where if a student correctly answers, a fun fact will be provided
  • Point system: score will be displayed on the planned forum
  • On/off toggling for the autosuggest

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