StudyGroups was founded at Drexel University's Myers Hall by four freshman It all began in mid-October when everyone came together on a Sunday night to study for the first Calculus Exam. There were students who were currently taking Calc 1 and students who were in Calc 3 all studying together. They tackled all the practice problems together with the help of the Calc 3 student who knew most of the concepts already. After that student session, the four students were discussing how well they did on the test and thought how extremely helpful it was studying with everyone else who had to take the same test.

StudyGroups is a web-app that links students together to form a study group for similar courses. This web-app ties underclassman and upperclassman together. The upperclassman can serve as mentors or peer-tutors. Once the study group is formed, the study groups can message each other to set up time and dates to meet up. They can meet up not only to study for exams but also just to do homework together for company.

We built StudyGroups using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. We also used a .tech domain, twilio and jquery.

This is our first time at a hackathon so it was intimidating. This hackathon was also only held for 12 hours so it was very stressful to write a whole program with lack of programming skills and knowledge.

We plan on adding white-boards, a calendar system and a poll system. The poll system can be used for students to vote on which days is most convenient for them to study and the calendar system can be used to remind everyone in the study group for when the next upcoming study session is.

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