In times like these, it is very difficult for people to find time for making study groups. Teachers are also very busy so it is difficult to find time to get help.

What it does

Pairs groups of students together with the same courses so that they can study and work together.

How I built it

We used VSCode, MongoDB Atlas, and Heroku to develop our project. It is coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node.js, MongoDB, express.js, and EJS.

Challenges I ran into

-Authentication systems which confirm if users were successful in logging in/registering. -Using Express Sessions to save data between pages -Fetching and pairing random students to form study groups

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything! We developed the application from nothing but our imaginations and did full stack development to bring all of the features in before the time limit came upon us.

What I learned

We learned how to use Express Sessions, MongoDB, and EJS.

What's next for Study Grouper

Direct Messages to arrange study meetings, search for specific users to ask for help, list of people specifically in your school.

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