Hi there, we are the developers of Studydate. Ivan is well versed in various computer science languages as he has already published a few iOS apps as personal projects. Zack specializes in website programming while Frances helps us to put our ideas in words and images to present to all the hackers.

Since we are all hard-working and driven students, we have always found it difficult to balance our academic lives with social lives. Thus, the team decided that we could build a dating app that matches people with different academic interests within different institutions. We have coined the term a "study date" that has dual meanings. First, it means a date when you can study with others who are just as passionate about natural science or literature as you. Second, it can literarily mean a date when you just hang out with the other person while working on similar problem sets or engaging in a mind-boggling conversation about your preferences for certain computer science languages.

Since Bostonhacks is only two days, we decide that it is best to publish a website first and then continue to build our app in the following days. Thus, we registered a domain spent yesterday building functions and perfecting its aesthetic appeal.

You should definitely check out our website:

(There is a demo of our app on the website, although the app is still under development :) )

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