For the average person, research studies conjure up images of laboratories, guinea pigs and bad side effects. Our entry seeks to debunk the negative connotations or lack of information associated with research. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use platform, in easy to use language and video, that takes the visitor through a simple, step-by-step process providing all the information one would need to make an informed decision about a clinical trial.

The name of our product is Study Compass, and we see it as a way to reinvent how patients connect with information about clinical research. At UBC, we believe that being patient-centric means moving away from the dry, text-heavy documents where patient literacy issues will always be a concern. We believe that the pharmaceutical industry needs to do more with visuals and graphics–storytelling, in a sense–in order to make this information more accessible. As such, the concept behind Study Compass is to move entirely to a rich, engaging suite of videos that will provide patients with a familiar and accessible experience. Our submission, therefore, includes a website mockup and the accompanying script for each video segment. As you read the included text, note that it was included as an intended script–we would not expect patients to read through each line.

While we used the NSCLC study provided as an example, the format is easily converted for other Lilly trials–or any other sponsor trials. The compass symbol provides a link whereby a viewer can easily view information from listing services such as For each topic the potential subject clicks on, the animated “Good Doctor” provides a short informational video, utilizing information graphics and calling out important bulleted text on the chalkboard.

The “Good Doctor” character is interesting, yet still serious enough to be used across any disease area. The doctor is a lovable character that, combined with the chalkboard, will resonate with patients due to its familiarity and accessibility. These images are purposefully uncomplicated and inviting.

Based on our experience designing patient-facing information for clinical trials, we also added a few other features to enhance the user experience:

• The ability to share study information with a family member or caregiver. Through this site, a viewer can send either a brief overview of the study, or a full study description via email, Facebook, or Twitter. This feature allows one to send a brief overview to family and friends, or a full protocol to one’s own physician.

• The ability to contact a nurse to ask additional questions or to pre-qualify for the study. Live-chat or live-answer with nurses trained on this study to answer any questions offers an additional option. With only 3 percent of any targeted audience volunteering for studies, this direct contact with a potential participant may provide the necessary answers to questions that might otherwise prevent an interested participant from investigating further. This feature would have an immediate impact on the following Lilly criteria: (ii) Patient usefulness and (iv) Potential impact on clinical trials.

• The ability to opt-in for notification about other studies. The opt-in feature allows those who are not qualified for a particular study to find out about other studies offered by Lilly (or another sponsor).

• The ability to see and hear the principal investigator within a specified zip code. When the potential participant clicks on “Is the study being done near me?” he/she will be able to view a short video of the LOCAL principal investigator introducing him or herself and making a brief statement about the study. This is easily accomplished by obtaining video for each PI during a study’s principal investigator meeting. This feature will put a face to the study and bring it from concept to possible reality.

Our website will be built with responsive design technology that it is easily viewable on tablets and smartphones. It’s accessible, it’s simple, and it’s easy to understand.

We hope you enjoyed the description of our design and we welcome any questions that you might have.

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