Every semester brings about new classes with up to 500 new students, you might know the kid on the right, if you're really lucky you'll know the kid on the left, but what about the other 497 kids? Everyone in the class has the same tests and same assignments that are due, and most likely a question you have can be answered by some one else in the class. The students are a potentially untapped resource, but the main problem is that a lot of students cant get over that initial awkward phase to get to know one another or simply just don't want to meet 500 or even 10 new strangers in a class. Study&Chill solves this problem by skipping the meet and greet phase, it allows a group of people to work together and solve hw or prepare for a test without having to know one another at all.

Since students are lazy and procrastinate by nature, a typical use case of the app goes as follows. Student goes to cafe, or library, or a study room, opens the app and creates a "live study group" for the subject and professor there in. This gets broadcast to all the other students interested in that class, and they can choose to stop by to get some work done on the assignment that's due that day or get some last minute prep for an upcoming test. Most importantly it's not awkward at all because your there for the same purpose, to get some work done as quick as possible.

I created this app in Android Studio using Java and integrated the Google Firebase Authentication and Cloud Firestore Database for storing and retrieving the study rooms, and then Google Maps for taking a latitude and longitude and giving walking directions.

I had a great time building this app, I really hope it will catch on and people start to use it, I know I would want those last minute cram sessions or homework help. I plan on releasing this app to the Play Store and App Store in the future once I optimize it for scale.

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