StudyCenterEverywhere is PollEverywhere for study centers. It is an AI assistant that helps both students and TAs/instructors by making it easier to both ask and answer questions. The goal of StudyCenterEverwhere is to be the solution to specific problems in the education system, to make education both efficient and inclusive, equitable.


Study centers (also known as learning centers or drop-in tutoring) are places where students can come in, ask questions, and have a TA/instructor help answer them. They have been established at schools, colleges around the world and play an important role in many people's education. At UW Seattle alone, thousands of students use study centers; the most well known ones are...

  • UW Math Study Center
  • UW Physics Study Center
  • CLUE
  • IPL
  • and more...

But these study centers have problems...

  • Not equitable - sometimes, there is no paper/queue at all for asking questions, the more outspoken student is favored
  • Not inclusive - by being a less equitable system, those who are underrepresented can feel excluded
  • Not efficient - students typically write their names with a pen/pencil on a piece of paper on the wall
  • Not efficient for TAs/instructors - instructors/TAs have to work with the paper
  • Not environmentally sustainable - paper, pencils, ink is needlessly used
  • No feedback loop for instructors - instructors have no way of getting feedback from sessions

Study centers have an important part in education with students, TAs, instructors using them every single day of the school year. What if we could use tech to solve these above problems and enable a better education for all?


To solve the problems of study centers, we built a study center manager that assists both students and TAs/instructors. It is an assistant (usable from Skype or Microsoft Teams) that automates registration, queuing, and question submission that would otherwise be done manually. The assistant uses state-of-the-art AI, ML, NLP technologies.

This solution is built using Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud as well as open-source libraries for machine learning.


Here is how a student would use the assistant...

User: join math126
StudyCenterEv: You have joined MATH126. Welcome!
StudyCenterEv: 3 questions asked already
User: what is a linear function?
StudyCenterEv: Question submitted!
StudyCenterEv: 3 ahead of yours

Here's how a TA or instructor would interact...

User: start privatemath126uw
StudyCenterEv: You have started MATH126. Nice!
StudyCenterEv: Say next to get the next question.
User: next
StudyCenterEv: Sarah asked, "how do i do a cross product?"
StudyCenterEv: 3 more after that


This solution resolves all of the above problems.

  • Just text the question
  • Just text next
  • Based on a fair digital queuing system
  • All students have equal opportunity get their question answered
  • Completely digital, no physical paper/pencil/ink
  • Clusters questions together for efficient usage by TAs and instructors
  • Will be extended to provided feedback loop for instructors

Ultimately, we believe this enables an education that is more inclusive of all students while also being more efficient for students, TAs, instructors.

What's next

Next, we hope to get StudyCenterEverywhere integrated into existing study centers listed above, such as the Math Study Center. We hope to use AI in new and even more interesting ways to provide even more useful insight for instructors and TAs. We're super excited about the future of StudyCenterEverywhere and look forward to seeing how it can improve education for everyone!

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