We noticed from personal experiences that studying alone is boring and unenjoyable. There are also moments when we get stuck on questions while studying and we just can't find the answer on the internet. We wanted to make studying more enjoyable.

What it does

Study Buddy asks several questions about yourself and compares your answers to previous user's answers to find out who shares the most similarities. We then give a list of people that matches your needs and you can contact them to study together!

How we built it

We used Java in Visual Studio Code to build our project.

Challenges we ran into

Our code wasn't working the way we wanted to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coming up with a relevant idea and implementing our plan. We are also proud of making a great video and presentation to show to the judges. Although we couldn't scrap together a working product, we are still proud of what we accomplished.

What we learned

We learned that you don't have to be incredible at coding to have fun at a hackathon. We realized that just having our ideas and being able to present them is enough, although being able to code well is nice.

What's next for Study Buddy

Our next step is to code a final working code and change some parts around to become part of a working app.

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