Download the file off our github to try it out!

To use:

  1. Have Chrome web browser (if not install it).
  2. Open the browser up.
  3. Visit chrome://extensions in your browser.
  4. Ensure that Developer Mode checkbox in the top right corner is checked.
  5. Click Load unpacked extension to get a file selection box.
  6. Find the directory where the extension is (PennApps_Fall_2014) and select it.
  7. You should now have the app appearing on the upper right side of your browser!

We were running through our app ideas the day before the hackathon and eliminated all the ideas we had. So we had to brainstorm for more ideas and came upon the idea of having a chrome app with a cute kitty for no reason other than that people on the internet like cute cats. We were partially inspired by shimeji (a desktop mascot) which we wanted to make but didn't know how, hence the chrome extension app. From there we tried to develop the idea into an app and came upon the idea of changing the moods of the cat in response to users procrastinating.

From there we came upon the idea of a study buddy that blocked sites (by redirecting to a "get back to work" webpage) while the app was "on" keeping users focused away from their work. As a consequence for attempting to go to blocked sites, the state of the cat will progressively get sadder until it dies from despair at the user's inability to control themselves. Once the cat is dead, the user has to reinstall the app to get their kitty back.

Our target users are internet users who work on their computer but regularly get distracted by the internet.

The key feature we are most proud of getting to work is the blocking of urls which are redirected to a get back to work webpage, implementing the pormodoro style of work (i.e. 25 minutes of work(blocking sites) and 5 minutes of partying(unblocked sites) in 3 cycles for a total of 90 minutes), and getting the cat .gifs to work. Overall, since 3 out of our 4 person team has never coded heavily in JavaScript, we are quite proud that the chrome extension works!

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