As Freshmen, we have struggled through a difficult adjustment period learning how to properly study for our midterms and finals. As a group, we decided to create an interactive study guide that would simulate taking a quiz in order to analyze the test taker's level of understanding.

What it does

This program has two modes: quiz, and practice. Both modes display a question with multiple answer choices. The quiz mode does not give immediate feedback. A question answered correctly will display a rewarding message, while a question answered incorrectly will prompt the user to redo question again until it is answered correctly. (Our code only has generic questions, so with real questions it would be structured differently.)

How we built it

Initially, the program was designed in MATLAB. Print statements and input functions were used to get an answer from the user. With the input from the user, it uses a series of switch statements to decide if the answer was correct, incorrect, or invalid. There are two different functions -- a practice function and a quiz function. The practice function contains a while loop that repeats until the correct answer is chosen. The quiz function will continue to the next question, regardless if the answer if correct or not. Once the functions have finished running, the program will ask the user if it wants to retake the quiz or not, then it will quit or continue the program based on the answer.

Challenges we ran into

As freshmen, four of us have only had a few weeks of experience with MATLAB and two of us have had one semester of introductory c++ coding. This proved to be one of our greatest challenges, and we were restricted by our limited experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our greatest accomplishment so far, has been completing the Star Wars puzzle.

What we learned

One thing we realized was how important experience was when implementing your ideas. Most of our ideas were very innovative and exciting, yet we were clueless about how to carry out the idea.

What's next for Study Buddy

We would like to simplify the format to allow teachers and students to design practice questions and quizzes. This can lead to a community of people within the educational system helping one another to create new study resources.

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