In today's world college students studying virtually face many new problems such as Zoom fatigue, low motivation and overwhelming stress. Many students have also expressed how hard it is to stay focused at home with distractions such as phones, family, and busy environments. In order to help students stay motivated and focused while studying we decided to develop an app that allows students to keep track of their study goals and schedule specific intervals devoted to studying. We conducted a survey and found that 70% of students prefer to study alone rather than in a group. Using this information we decided to build an app targeted towards the individual and their personal goals and focus.

What it does

Our app is centered around a calendar that keeps track of assignments, deadlines, meetings, and study goals. There is also a timer that allows the student to start studying and keep studying until it's time for a dedicated water/relax break. The student can create alerts for their upcoming goals and events and organize these all in one place. The app also turns off notifications from other apps in order to keep the student focused and minimize distractions. Finally, there is a Goal List that shows the user's goals for the week that the user can check off as they complete them. These features help keep students organized, focused and feel motivated as they complete their study goals.

How we built it

Using Figma we created a prototype and mapped out the app's interface. We drew inspiration from paper agendas, planners and calendars. We found that over 80% of the student we surveyed reported that their teachers utilize some sort of online resource while teaching. Using this information we understood that technology is a big part of students' learning experience in today's world and that we could not just remove technology from the issue. As a result we decided to develop an app made specifically with the student in mind.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we ran into were balancing features with simplicity and discretion. We wanted the app to be helpful but at the same time not be too much of a distraction to the user. We also wanted it to be very easy to use and look at so that the user doesn't have to spend a lot of time looking at the interface and can just get to studying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think that as a team we're proud of being able to come together and work on a specific problem and find a solution. We're proud of the prototype and interface that we've created. Personally, I am proud of having gained some UX experience and learning how to use Figma to design and make ideas come to life.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the needs of students and the resources that they find helpful when studying. We also learned a lot about Figma and how to work in groups using the Figma web interface. As a team we also learned how to collaborate with each other and bring our ideas together on Figma.

What's next for Study Buddy App

Next we'll have to develop the app into something that the user can interact with and get feedback from others about how we can make the interface more convenient for the user.

Built With

  • figma
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