In these times of isolation, many of us developers are stuck inside which makes it hard for us to work with our fellow peers. We also miss the times when we could just sit with our friends and collaborate to learn new programming concepts. But finding the motivation to do the same alone can be difficult.


To solve this issue we have created an easy to connect, all in one platform where all you and your developer friends can come together to learn, code, and brainstorm together.


Our platform provides a simple yet efficient User Experience with a straightforward and easy-to-use one-page interface.

We made it one page to have access to all the tools on one screen and transition between them easier.

We identify this page as a study room where users can collaborate and join with a simple URL.

Everything is Synced between users in real-time.


Our platform allows multiple users to enter one room and access tools like watching youtube tutorials, brainstorming on a drawable whiteboard, and code in our inbuilt browser IDE all in real-time. This platform makes collaboration between users seamless and also pushes them to become better developers.

Technologies you used for both the front and back end

We use Node.js and Express the backend. On the front end, we use React. We use Socket.IO to establish bi-directional communication between them. We deployed the app using Docker and Google Kubernetes to automatically scale and balance loads.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge was collaborating effectively throughout the hackathon. A lot of the bugs we faced were solved through discussions. We realized communication was key for us to succeed in building our project under a time constraints. We ran into performance issues while syncing data between two clients where we were sending too much data or too many broadcast messages at the same time. We optimized the process significantly for smooth real-time interactions.

What's next for Study Buddy

While we were working on this project, we came across several ideas that this could be a part of. Our next step is to have each page categorized as an individual room where users can visit. Adding more relevant tools, more tools, widgets, and expand on other work fields to increase our User demographic. Include interface customizing options to allow User’s personalization of their rooms.

Try it live here:

Our hopeful product in the future:

Thanks for checking us out!

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