Due to COVID-19 and the nature of our college in Orlando, FL, we have found it very hard to find people to study with for our classes. We hope to make an application that will allow collaboration outside of the classroom for students who are studying the same educational materials.

What it does

Study Buddy is a web application that makes appointments for study sessions. You can either join a study session that is already made or you can create your own session. The sessions have some specific criteria that students can see such as the professor's name and the subject. There are some added functions such as a description for the session, time and date, and location.

How we built it

We built the web application using HTML&CSS (we used some Bootstrap and altered the code to fit our web app), and Python (Flask).

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge that we ran into was that after we had built our team in the team building event, the other two members of our team quit. We then found two more members and they left for a few hours, so we decided to go try to find other members. This was an incredible challenge because most people were in teams already and the one who were not, were very picky about what they want to do. We finally found a third teammate and they quit on us this morning. Another challenge was sleep. We read online that there was a sleeping room. We had imagined that there may be at least a blanket or something, but there was nothing. We are from Florida, which is a very warm climate, so we could not sleep during the night due to how cold it was. As for coding, we currently need some help from a mentor for our database to better understand the relationship aspect of our project. Also, we are just two members and we are at very different levels of coding, which makes it a little difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that even though everyone quit on us, we have not given up. We still plan to finish this project and submit what we have. We are proud that we ventured out of the building and found a place to buy a blanket, which actually cost $90, and we were finally able to get some sleep. We are proud of our idea for the web application because we think that it is truly something that can help students succeed in college. We will be proud of our project once we finish!

What we learned

We have learned more about HTML&CSS, Python, and I'm sure we will learn more about databases here shortly.

What's next for Study Buddy

We plan to improve the functionality of the web application. We could add in functions like school location, language preference, and many other things.

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