We wanted to make an app related to entertainment and education. It is also adaptable which means it can expand to have other educational features and purposes.

The website offers tips on studying for AP classes, practice questions about test taking, and allows for brain breaks from studying.

We built the website on Github using html, css, and java script. We worked together by splitting the components if the website; the pages, content, and design to finish a website in the given time.

None of us had too much experience with HTML, and knew more about java than java script. This meant we were leaning as we were making the site. The biggest challenge that took up most of our time was getting the interactive components to function. Using java script with no experience, and connecting it with the HTML components was very difficult.

We were finally able to get the interactive components to work and function in a sophisticated way even though it took three of us, and many hours.

We learned a lot about HTML but mostly all the components of java script were new to us and we learned a lot through trial and error.

Study buddy was supposed to have a social media type functionality that we were not able to implement in the given time. It is supposed to allow users to post questions and answers by connecting to their peer scholars. We would also like to expand it past AP. Due to the amount of time we narrowed our website to a few simple, related functions. We would've liked to have made more tips and practices for more kids. This website could be especially useful because it can connect people around the world. Also, anyone with access to the internet would be able to use it.

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