Our inspiration for creating Study Buddies was that we were tired of spending hours developing beautiful study guides that just ended up in a waste bin or collecting dust in a dorm room drawer. We also wanted to combine study groups and study guides in order to make the whole guide making process more efficient, because we were all tired of rereading all 200 pages of the textbook ourselves a week before the exam.

What it does

Study Buddies has the potential to do a whole lot farely easily. Although things might be easy, it doesn't mean they can be done quickly. In the 24 hours we have been participating in this hackathon, we have been able to develop a website that has user logins and can upload guides using django admin panel. You can view guides, you can view buddies, and you can see your buddies guides. Has a restful API

How we built it

Study Guides is built using the Django web framework.

Challenges we ran into

It was rather difficult defining what exactly we wanted to include. There were so many ways we could have taken this project and we needed to figure out what the best use of our time was. This was not calculated too well as we realized much too late that the mobile app was not really feasible to complete in such a time period.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made the Logo for the company completely from scratch. Being able to upload a successful website that runs smoothly and captures the gist of what we want our product to do.

What we learned

There is an existing framework that made the restful API pretty easy to implement. There are no other sites that allow for collaboration and organize it in the way Study Buddies does. There are no other competitive sites that use confirmed user ratings for each publisher.

What's next for Study Buddies

A whole lot. Basically what is next is finishing up the Alpha and launching it to UTD students. We will try the collaborative section for a while and eventually launch the marketplace with Beta. After that we will most likely look towards a mobile app

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