We were inspired by the unified feeling of disconnection amongst the student body. The 50,000+ students at YorkU who commute from all across the GTA creates a feeling of being a small fish in a large sea. We aimed to address this and help students find their shoal.

What does it do

Allows inputs of one's name, major and availability to study on campus, then use those to match them with one of the already existing profile. There is also a consideration to protect privacy by limiting information provided by user and information of potential study partner to user. For direct connection to potential buddy, user has to be accepted first before the system sends contact info via email.

How we built it

We used Figma to create a mobile app prototype. For website prototype, we use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Visual Studio Code. We intend to establish client-server connection via Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

Not enough time as we have to solidify our idea, come up with how to actualize it and actually implementing. We also have to figure out connections between different parts and try to be as efficient as possible. Hence we are unable to implement every properties we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being that we never worked together, we are proud of our teamwork abilities. We listen, collaborated and respected each other to pull together and create something that has the potential to make a splash on campus.

What we learned

Refresh our memory for web-based development and apply our knowledge on Figma! We also got to work under a real time crunch for the first time and communicate with new friends!

What's next for Study Buddies

What's next for us as a team is growth. This was an amazing experience for us to learn, be challenged and work with new people. We'll take the lessons we learned for this experience along with us as we further develop our skills and knowledge for the paths in life we want to take. We'll use the project we have made today as both a template we all can use to build upon and improve the skills we want to. As a newly made team we'll try to hold contact with one another keep this experience with us forever.

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