Pega solutions have been very successful in transforming and driving better value and outcome in industries like Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and so on. The powerful set of capabilities that this platform provides could be leveraged to deliver high-value impact in social sectors, e.g. improving the quality of education, access to information. We drew our inspiration from the powerful outreach capability that this tool offers and hence came up with this idea of providing AI enabled solutions to deliver personalized curriculums aimed at overall personality development of students in academical institutions.

Lack of 1 to 1 interaction between students and teachers/parents is a common problem in the schools due to the increasing number of students but fewer teachers. There could be students who are slow in learning and require proactive support from their teachers.

With the increase in digitalization and the constant need to keep focus on student’s mental health/ academic performance, we wanted to use Pega as a centralized platform to keep track of their information and help improve their overall performance.

What it does

The idea of our application is to provide personalized assistance and guidance for teachers, students and parents using Pega’s AI powered decisioning capabilities. Students, parents and teachers have increased visibility into learning progress of the students and recommended courses of actions for each of them. Automation accelerates the 1 on 1 interaction between student and teacher for each subject/topic.

In today’s education system, a student needs to appear for multiple exams like monthly, mid-term or annual. Their report is stored in the database and displayed to teacher and students through separate portals exclusively for each of them – teacher and student portal.

In the teacher portal, a student can be selected from the filterable list and their information is displayed to the teacher along with a suggestion generated by Pega based on the marks scored by the student. It could be that a student scored less (<35 marks), then student might require special attention by providing them extra classes or if the student has scored well (>90 marks), they might just need an appreciation/recognition or some additional practice tests etc.

Based on the data like students’ attendance, behavior in class, financial situation of parents - Pega generates offers for teachers as a recommended course of action to support the students and parents with actions like fee waiver, amazon vouchers, parent-teacher meeting etc.

In the student portal, a student can check his/her individual subject scores and performance. Pega offers suggestions based on the performance in each subject.

How we built it

Study assistant is built using Pega 8.7 version by making use of the latest features available with theme cosmos and is built on Customer Decision Hub (CDH) framework. We used:

Pega CDH Next-Best Action designer to build strategies and propose offers,

Dev Studio/App Studio for UI styling and CDH configuration, etc.

Prediction studio for adaptive model design.

Pega pulse for interaction and task assignments.

Challenges we ran into

Our solution was initially focused on the academics of students, but as we started developing, we were motivated to extend to other facets of the curriculum such as their overall personality development.

The idea together as a team started by building a case type for each student, but we later realized that Pega Customer Decision Hub was more powerful and could be a much better solution for our use case.

The challenge we faced was that we are new to Pega Customer Decision Hub and Prediction studio. We had to learn and implement the application with limited support and training videos. We came up with an efficient solution in restricted time because we started to work for the hackathon towards the end of September and had to manage along with other project related activities. Pega’s business friendly and easy to use interface helped us to create it in quick time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had a great team collaboration by kicking off the project in just a few weeks and successfully completed by following the latest low code and center-out business approach.

What we learned

The most important thing we learned from our hackathon project is that we understood the usage of Pega in areas which could have a real impact on students and society.

As a beginner with Pega CDH and exposure to new dimensions, we learned many more capabilities of Pega and the updated features Pega offers in 8.7 version.

What's next for Study Assistant

We believe education is the most essential element for the world to progressively improve as the current generation decides the future.

The proposed solution can be extended for use in real-world use cases and can cater to students at all levels. It can also be introduced to other educational institutions, made available on different channels, improve UI and plug-in to educational institutes' websites, enhance AI decisioning and provide more offers.

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