On the Notes page, it takes some time to upload audio files and it varies based on the length of the audio file. With a short audio file such as the demo audio file on GitHub (~30 seconds), I recommend allowing around 1 minute to upload. This is due to the processing time with the Symbl API to extract text from the audio file.


I always wanted to make an application that can extract text from an audio file to make note-taking easier. I was also excited to integrate AR into my application.

What it does 👀

Utilizing the API, text can extracted from the user's audio file to the built-in text editor on the webpage. The user can also view augmented reality 3D model's directly in their browser (powered by the Echo 3D API and Google Scene Viewer.

How I built it 🛠

This application was developed with the Python Flask web framework.

Challenges I ran into 😬

It was difficult to find a web hosting platform that could support the functionality of the API due to the large amount of computation involved with the API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of 🎉

I had a lot of fun with testing this application, and I'm proud of the appearance of my website.

What I learned 🏆

Deployment can be an issue when preforming computationally intensive tasks. I did some research into some resources that can help when encountered with this issue.

What's next for Insight 🤔

I'm thinking of improving the text editor on the notes page by providing more functionality.

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