During our busy life in college, we are often faced with the need for one on one help. Finding a tutor can be expensive and difficult.

What it does

Our web app provides a convenient platform for tutors and tutees to match with one another. Users have "Brain Bucks," a currency which is used to purchase tutoring services. One can earn Brain Bucks by tutoring other students. In this way, we encourage students to contribute to the community, and in return they may be served by the community.

How I built it

We used google firebase to create our web application, and integrated the twilio chat and video apis to enable communication within the app. We wrote our web app in javascript, using firebase's firestorm store database and authentication sdks. We hosted the website using firebase as well.

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to integrate the code produced with the twilio api with the firebase project. It was also difficult to deal with the reactive database in an asynchronous programming environment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a flushed out web app with working features and solid proof of concept.

What I learned

We really really don't like asynchronous programming, and aligning divs in css is difficult. However, we learned a lot about how to utilize bootstrap, firebase's many development tools, and how to use an api.

What's next for StudiUs

We would love to have a chance to fully build our web app into a product that we can use in our everyday lives as college students.

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