Our fast-paced, globalized and digital VUCA world places new demands on young people's personalities and skills. Parents, schools and educators also often lack the necessary resources to adequately prepare youth for the future. As a result, the next generation is largely not equipped with the skills needed to live and work in the 21st century, such as leadership skills, financial literacy, resilience, or entrepreneurship. Therefore, numerous young people feel left alone and overwhelmed in this process.


Studio F is the training room for young changemakers aged 13-19 in Germany. We offer young people access to affordable life & innovation coaching. Through a triad of digital solutions, guidance from top industry-experts, and hands-on projects, they learn relevant future skills. The mental health of the young people plays a central role as the most important success factor for their development.

Target Group

Studio F addresses young people aged 13-19 from all over Germany – irrespective of gender, education, experience and background. Hence, around three million young people could potentially be reached. At a later stage, we plan to expand our solution to young people not just in German-speaking nations, but in other countries in Europe and worldwide.

Project Story


  • The multitude of already existing ideas and projects dealing with the design of the education system of the 21st century inspired us greatly
  • The access to education and tech experts as well as founders were helpful
  • The networking opportunities and exchange with other initiatives and like-minded people opened our horizon

What it does

  • The Hackathon helped us to particularly develop our idea on app development for Studio F’s coaching programs
  • Discussed about the necessity of having a user-friendly app
  • Developed structure and first content and look & feel of our Life & Innovation coaching app

How we built it

We are in the process of building a prototype for our coaching app – app wireframes in Figma – that we will then test with our target group and iterate on. Afterwards, an app developer will help implement our solution.

Challenges we ran into

  • The multitude of opportunities and ways to create an app: which one is the right for us?
  • Costs: How can we afford this?
  • None of the Studio F founders are IT experts, hence, we are dependent on external app developers and technical support: Who could fit to our team?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Established a founding team
  • Developed our business concept
  • Conducted user interviews with potential users, parents, and teachers – and refined our business concept
  • Developed the content for our website
  • Talked to experts, potential advisors and angel investors
  • Acquired an education expert for our advisory board
  • Developed our corporate identity/design

What we learned

  • Power of working together as a team and getting clear on what we need and want as look and feel of the app
  • Need for both technical & financial support and advice
  • Complexity of a user-friendly app development with young people as a target group

What's next for Studio F

  • Launching our website and Instagram in April 2021
  • Refining our business model
  • Finalising our app wireframes and designs
  • Finding the right investment & funding opportunities
  • Keep connecting with experts, potential partners, and like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Hiring an app developer

Our 5-year plan:

  • Stage 1: Digital First (digital soft launch/try-out phase and app development simultaneously)
  • Stage 2: Experiences (physical events, programs, camps etc.)
  • Stage 3: Youth Innovation Hubs (physical spaces in Berlin & Germany)
  • Stage 4: Launch internationally (German-speaking countries and beyond)

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