Our Inspiration

Reading the Deloitte Challenge, we realised that very little time, effort and capital has been invested towards the development of the future of investing - namely students. The youth have been marginalised from the magical world of investments. Why? Purely because students have limited access to funds, networks, and information on how to invest. Not Anymore...

Our Vision

StudInvestor aims to provide a democratised robo-advising investment platform tailored to the student population. Providing low costs and low fees, our USP is our distinguished dashboarding facility with our notable visuals for market trends, return fluctuations, and security valuations. Striving for credibility, seamlessness and transparency, our GUI provides quick "at-a-glance" summaries catered to the busy student lives who have little time to understand and interpret the KPIs and Progress Reports of their investments.

Our Features

Here's what we offer:

  1. An Overview Dashboard to monitor one's entire investment
  2. A Cost Analysis Page, describing all investment costs the student is facing
  3. A Personal Finance Manager, aiding students in managing their weekly and monthly expenses and budgeting - including groceries, rental, utility costs, and billing
  4. A Long Term Investment and Financial Planner

A prototype visualization of each of these offerings is available at the top of this page.

Frameworks, APIs and Languages Used

(in Progress - currently implemented and for future implementation) React, HTML, CSS, Yahoo Finance API, Excel VBA, Python, PyAutoGui, D3.js, PubNub EON API, FusionSmart Dashboarding

What's next for StudInvestor

To complete this project, we aim to enable all investing to be done directly through our website! This means, all investments and transactions will be executed via our back-end, making it seamless for the user. We aim for our interface to be integrated with one's bank-account, making it a one-stop comprehensive platform. We'll also provide financial management advice (investing tips, paying off mortgagges for real estate, managing taxes, etc) to ameliorate the financial literacy amongst students.

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