In this time where education is heavily dependent on technology, we wanted to take advantage of functions allowed by technology that would be impossible to replicate in a classroom setting. We decided to incorporate statistics into the classroom so that teachers could improve their course structure and better support students remotely. It is our goal that teachers utilize this tool to adjust lesson plans or focus accordingly and be able to reflect over this data in future semesters to help with lesson planning and time distribution.

What it does

To do this, we created a website application that would allow high school teachers to both gauge the understanding of their online classes in real-time and analyze data over longer-periods to identify areas of improvement in teaching. Students would answer the survey prompts and our design would record that data to display to the teacher and allow them to make informed decisions about how best to focus the class time.

How we built it

The time allotted for this hackathon was not sufficient to learn and implement these new skills and so our group focused on what the finished product would look like using a third-party site to mimic the application,

Challenges we ran into

Lack of technical ability and experience in coding beyond the introductory level we went into this hackathon with. Through chatting with a Newhacks mentor, we were introduced to the fundamentals of coding a website from scratch such repositories and utilizing Flask. We learned to download it, install it, and how to use it. Unfortunately, we did not have time to learn it enough to build a website with it. So we did what we do best as engineering students: look for an alternative solution that meets our objective. We knew we wanted to demonstrate a working prototype, so we went to a place that did not require coding expertise: Wix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon. We went into this knowing virtually nothing but our own experience with python from our classes. Together, we managed to pull off our very first hackathon project. Although it was not perfect and not exactly a "coding" prototype, we brainstormed, discussed, and spent many, many hours putting something together that we could present. We believe our idea is something that could become invaluable to teachers in the digital education age, and hope to meet a gap that is still unmet to this day.

What we learned

We learned how to be a hacker, and the amount of skill and experience it requires to be one. We learned about all the available resources we could use to create things we never would have imagined doing, including Django and Flask and problem-solving in one night. We learned about teamwork, discussion, and creating something to call our own and be proud of.

What's next for Studinsight

Next steps for this project would be to learn about website building using python with Flask, learning more about writing the code for the site, and creating a working website that can gather data. In the future, we hope to implement this and make this a reality for teachers teaching digitally!

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