We created an Android application that allows users to find nearby study buddies that are matched by classes, subject and time of convenience.

What it does

Users create an account with StudieBuddies, giving their name, phone number and email address. Once users login, they are brought to a landing page where they can request and match. The request page allows users to share their subject, course code, time they're studying and location for other users to find them. The match page allows users to browse through a map and find other students studying within a 5 km radius. Once the user finds someone they want to study with, they press "match" and a notification is sent to that student.

How we built it

We used android studio to create the front-end, and scala pla 2.6 for backed with slick 3.2 as an FRM for database access. We wanted to use Firebase as well but we had so;e problems and lost some time. The app isn't complete, we finished developping the front end part and some of the backend and database without having an actual working app, this means that we will upload our work but we'll not pitch.

Built With

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