The lack of cute study timers online. So, we made one!

What it does

Every minute, the background will update and the user will see a new addition to the background as they complete their task.

How we built it

  • teamwork! and googling :-)

Challenges we ran into

  • the timer, we're both beginners at javascript (with this being one of our first ever hackathons)
  • getting the video to move with the timer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • how cute it looks! we're proud of that

What we learned

  • brushed up on our html and css
  • how to make a timer in js
  • also learnt a bit of js

What's next for Studi

  • more interactive placement of the object _originally, we wanted the user to earn 'coins' as they studied, the more they studied, the more 'coins' they earned, which would then later on allow them to purchase cute accessories to decorate their virtual room with, this proved too challenging for us though, so we scaled back and settled on a simple, updating background. _
  • an option to remove the bottom black box

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