As high school students ourselves, we all know the struggle of cramming alone last minute for a major exam. We decided to create Studi as a tool to help reduce the stress of studying while also motivating students to work alongside new friends in similar courses/majors! With the rise of virtual study sessions, we believe Studi is an amazing platform to boost productivity. The website matches users with other students who are studying for similar courses, allowing them to engage in a virtual study session together. Features include a video call and chat function, a study timer, and two shared to-do lists that both users can access. The UI, timer, and to-do list were designed with html, css, and javascript. The backend was built using express, peerjs, and using sqlite for the database. To achieve video calling, webrtc was used and was there for real time syncing between study partners. Throughout this process, we learned about various programming languages and softwares, especially on the backend development side. This was the first hackathon for one of our team members and none of us have had prior experience with building chat or video functionality.

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