As a student of many living in the current climate, understanding content has been very difficult. Motivation has been at a low and distractions completely surround us leading to focus being at an all time low. We wanted to make an app that can help students in the same situation as us and in a way where we can have a little fun in doing so.

What it does

STUDI.IO tracks your eyes upon the content that is chose for focusing. When a student stays focused, they will be rewarded points which are totalled onto a leaderboard. Conversely, if a student is not focused, points will not be awarded followed by an alert to nudge them back on track. The leaderboard is used as a competitive incentive among peers to keep studying to achieve a higher score.

How we built it

This project was built using a flask backend to handle the accounts and scores, which are stored on Google Cloud. We used OpenCV to extract important facial features from a dataset we created, which we then fed to a Convolution Neural Network for training.

Challenges we ran into

Training the neural network with a small dataset along with user error while training it accurately made progression difficult. Bugs and difficulties with obtaining data from the sever onto js were time consuming challenges. Additionally there were bugs with the UI functions which took time to solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a tool that encourages and helps students to study more effectively during this rough period of time. We are also happy with how accurate the neural network turned out as well.

What we learned

We learned that training a neural to be accurate is very difficult, and that tweaking is very long process. We also learned how to use OpenCV for image processing, which will be a very useful tool in the future.

What's next for STUDI.IO

  • Building a stand alone app to be used outside the browser for mobile and desktop users
  • A more accurate neural network from a bigger dataset
  • Better ux/ui design
  • More sub-tabs to aid with professors and students
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