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COVID 19 sets students apart and we cant learn alone in this world so we want to help students around the world to come together and get smarter. We build a tool to support the students learning based on our experiences as students during the pandemic.

What it does

This is a social platform for students of all ages to come together to share knowledge and learn new things. You have four main features: Student Blogs, Education Tools (Museum AR), Student Networking System, and Study Rooms.

How I built it

In the main App, we built the backend with PHP and MySQL while the front end with HTML, CSS, and javascript and the support of very useful frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI. On the AR museum app, we built it using the ReactJS framework and Echo AR API. It was difficult to use all those stacks but thanks to the guides provided by the mentors we could make it work.

Challenges I ran into

React js was a major difficulty when trying to implement Echo AR

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned a great deal using ReactJs, being able to continue with the hackathon despite of having few members.

What I learned

Working with EchoAR. And lots of cool frameworks

What's next for Students Tools App

Build a mobile app extension. And more features like AR interview simulator!

We are very thankful for the mentors and organizers who made this hackathon possible! Thanks for the opportunity to learn and stretch our experience!

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