We were inspired by the unfortunate recent school shooting and wanted to make a difference. Using this hackathon as an opportunity, we wanted to create an app that will make schools safer and students less worried.

What it does

Our application SSS (Students Saving Students) is an alert system meant to inform students and staff of an active student and what to do. In addition to that is can also be used in prevention members of the student body can report concerns and suspicions to either the police or administration. When registering you choose if the school you go to and if you are a student or teacher. Teachers and administrators can report an event and a notification will be blasted to everyone. If multiple students report an event is will also be sent to everyone.

How we built it

We began the day with thinking about using Twilio and making a Chat Bot. As we wanted a more challenging task, we used the Chatbot as a prototype and built on this knowledge. We began by using React Native Vanilla, but switched over to Expo because of its ease of use on physical devices.

Challenges we ran into

A few challenges we ran into were enabling push notifications. At first it was difficult using react-native, but after the learning curve it was very rewarding and a great experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Were proud of the great interface that we created. In addition to that the cross compatibility between ios and android devices. It is also very easy to access up the app, simply scan a qr code.

What we learned

Through the product we learned effective time management and cooperation. How to use react-native. Integration of firebase and expo.

What's next for Students Saving Students

In the future we hope to add support for SSS on more devices such desktops and smart devices. In addition to that we would like to enable email notification.

If you download the expo app and click on our link you will be able to demo it. [link]

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