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In light of the pandemic, remote education has become the norm. While there are differing opinions on this style of education, it has become the inevitable for many. However with all of the critiques that we have, two big problems were most evident to me. As many would say, the friends and connections you meet are exteremely valuable throughout your life. In fact, many actually meet their life-long friends through school. However, ever since the pandemic and remote education many many people failed to make even one new friend online. Furthermore, there are individuals who not only struggle with making new friends, but also struggle in keeping up with the online education due to a lack of a healthy studying environment or even just a lack of a strong internet connection. That is when I decided to formulate the StudentMatch to combat these problems.

What it does

StudentMatch simulates the opportunities that come with an in-person classroom setting. Whether it be during class or after class, StudentMatch enables student to connect, communicate, and most importantly help one another succeed. As they say, there is "strength in numbers." With labels that will allow you to find your best match in the classroom, not only will students make friends, but their academics will prosper too. Lables like location will enable students who live in a close proximity meet up and study with one another. This will give the opportunity to students who struggle to study at home due to underlying reasons, find better alternatives and even provide motivation to succeed. In addition, the labels strengths and weaknesses will allow those who's strengths are another's weakness work together and help each other strengthen their knowledge of the material taught. After matching with students, peers could interact with each other through video call and instant messaging. These matches will be configured according to each class and students can join for every one of their classes!

How we built it

Website Pages:

Profile -Locations -Interests -Major -Weaknesses/strengths in class

ClassRoom -New Class -Match!

Chat room (voice and texting video calls) -New Class -Match!

Login/Sign Up Page


Implemented: React (Javscript and CSS)

Not fully implemented: -Firebase server

Challenges we ran into

For the very first time, my team decided to build a full stack website from the scratch. It required a lot of researching, videos, and some workshops at SD Hacks to help us understand how to just get started. Therefore, time was really our greatest challenge. Furthermore, due to school deadlines and midterm season piling up, my team lacked the time manner to power us through making a full stack website in the limited time. We really tried to do as much as we could and hopefully get our message across.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of making a react website from scratch for the first time, and learning all that we have learned from this hackathon. And most importantly, we am most proud of going along a track that really motivates our careers as Software Engineers: helping others.

What we learned

How a full stack website really functions, and how to set up and implement features of a react websites from scratch. How to deploy a website on to the cloud and set up a database to store the data needed for the backend.

What's next for StudentMatch

We hope to develop StudentMatch for those who need it, and really fully develop our missing features.

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