Loneliness is widespread - recent research (M. Barker, D. Clarke and T. Cox) shows that loneliness is a chronic problem for 17% of students in Higher Education: i.e. in a university of 10,000 students, 1700 of them may well be suffering long-lasting feelings of loneliness.

What it does

User can either join or create new social meetup with others to do activities together like eating, studying or sports. After meeting up the app lets users exchange all contact information using NFC, so all it takes is just putting both phones close to each other.

How we built it

Using geolocalization and Estimote Beacons we built an Android app, that tries to tackle the problem of loneliness among students. We have used Amazon AWS to host our Node.js server (because node.js is the best dev language out there #jokesFromThePast #MLHSpring2015). We utilized Google Maps API for Android to show the user's current location and the events.

What's next for

Tap Tap Technology startup.

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