For how long I we going to stay at home without reading or try to update our knowledge during pandemic? Or What if something happens to make all schools in the world completely shut down just like this issue of Corona Virus again? As a Software Developer, I therefore this of helping all High School Students and myself by creating a Prototype of a Software call "STUDENT LIBRARY" across the World for effective learning.

What it does

This System Software Prototype helps to teach and also test the knowledge and idea all High School Students with the available resources for learning.

How I built it

This System Software was built with Java Programming Language using Eclipse for Java with Java GUI Framework (AWT, SWG)

Challenges I ran into

This Software was design at almost late hour to the submission due to inadequate power supply. So it was most of rush work. And also I could not get myself a teammate, so I have to struggle through the development all alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I thank God I was able to develop a very good prototype of my idea even within the stipulated time

What I learned

I've learnt a lot which includes time management and diving in to new ideas quickly.

What's next for StudentLibrary

The future is to make "StudentLibrary" a across platform software that can be available for the use of everyone in the society; both the Teachers, Students and the Parents.

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