Have you ever, as an organizer, had to assign a ridiculous number of volunteers to help with calling people for food, queueing them up and checking/marking their bracelets?

Have you ever, as a hacker, had to wait in big-ish queues, to get food?

Have you ever, as a volunteer, had been tackled/attacked by huge groups of hungry nerds?

Give EatQuick a go, and worry no more!!! It is a tool aimed at helping hackathon organizers manage the challenge of serving delicious food to their hungry contestants, efficiently. We use the Twilio API to notify the next tables that need to be served.

One volunteer can press a button to start a new meal and can then start inviting teams by pressing a button. Invited teams will receive a text message with a code that they must give in to receive their food. This ensures everyone has been fed exactly once. Once done, a meal can be easily finished.

We used Feathers.js to create a REST API whose services are called by the client. The client is written in React. We keep the data about teams in a MongoDB database.

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