I made this project as my senior year High School Research Project. It was done along with the project, which you can read here. Unfortunately, it's written in Catalan as it was intended to be presented to my High School.

What it does

The Student Groups platform allows teachers to create workgroups where they can easily add students and comunicate with them. WIth a simple interface they can set tasks and publish notes, and students can answer to these notes as well.

How I built it

As it was a research project I wanted to use new technologies that I had never used before. The frontend is built with AngularJS and for the backend I used During the develoopment I also used the always helpful yeoman, grunt, bower and npm.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to make it easy to use and with a simple interface, making it not a pain but a helpful tool in the academic environment.

What I learned

I learned to plan a project, to analyze a real problem and to present a solution for it. More technically, I learned to use the AngularJS framework and the service.

What's next for StudentGroups

Student Groups is open source (you have the link below) and development is intended to keep going! Next features could be real time communication with the Layer platform and file sharing.

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