Often times, grades can be really stressful. Never is this more true than before a test, when your grade hinges by a thread. Making a simple calculator that can tell students how much they need to study and can do it in an interesting, fun way is a way to help reduce student anxiety.

What it does

The student enters how many points the class currently has, how many points they currently earned, the amount their test is worth, and what their target percentage grade is. With this, the application then outputs how many points they have to earn to get that grade, along with a few fun memes.

How I built it

This project used two key technologies: expo and HTML5. The expo app updates the states of several text fields and uses button press event handlers to trigger grade calculation. The HTML5 website uses canvases to render the user interface for a JavaScript backend. Both of these are stylized using CSS.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging in an entirely new language was incredibly difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before participating in Blair Hacks, we had never made an Android application before. With a lot of research, headaches, and help, one of the members learned how to make android apps using expo. Simultaneously, it was a first exposure to JavaScript with HTML5 for one of the members, and an introduction to programming for another. Learning so much in such a short time was an achievement for all of us.

What I learned

As stated above, we learned a lot about programming; we learned how JavaScript, in combination with other languages, can create powerful and meaningful projects in a short amount of time.

What's next for Student Zone

The app will gain more functionality, and the website will implement a to-do list and a user login using backend as a service.

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