The inspiration of this app came from our school. As a student, I know how hard it is to keep up and survive high school. There have been times when counselors are not available to help us. We wanted to build this app so that students can use it as guidance when needed. Also, because at Orosi High School there are many students who do not speak or read English and this app can translate to Spanish so they can be involve in school activities and stay on track for graduation. For example, community service is a requirement for graduation and our app will offer a list of places where students can go and volunteer .

What it does

The Student Survival app helps students be informed about what is happening on our campus and what opportunities are being offered by the school.This app will help English learners to translate information when needed. Parents are also one of our target users. They will have access to this app and will be allowed to keep track of their child's education while going through the administration button and this way they will know who are the teachers that are in charge of their children's education.The app also has a button where telephone number are offered to those who need special help. For example, community service is a requirement for graduation and our app will offer a list of places where students can go and volunteer.

How we build it

First, we decided to design it and make a list of features that will be needed in the app. For the list of features we decided to use Trello and to design it we used our engineering notebook. Each member of our team had to create and make a list of features. Then, we decided which ones were our priority to accomplish our goal for this app.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges along the way of the development process. The first challenge was that we all had different ideas about how we wanted the app to look and function. We solved it by voting on the designs and features. Another challenge my team faced was gathering the correct information for the app to offer, an office assistant did not want to provide information about the school administration and events, to solve it we decided to talk to this person about our project and why was it important to have this type of information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are mainly proud of how our team managed to work together despite all of our inner challenges, but mostly we are proud of how the app turned out. An important accomplishment we made was to have our first version of the app two months before our engineering expo in order to enter the Lenovo Scholars Mobblie App Development competition.

What we learned

My team and I learned how important it is to consider everyone at our school, graduation and passing our classes. We learned that if there is a way we can help someone else we should do it without a doubt in our minds.

What's next for Student Survival App

Student Survival App is yet not complete so next we will try to improve and add more information that we think will be useful for the students at Orosi High School.

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