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Our inspiration came from looking at the difficulties for students to get jobs after college, most university statistics account for only 5+ years after graduation rather than directly after. This is most likely due to a lack of preparation for the real world by the schools which should be preparing them. Our project was designed to ingrate artificial intelligence with a form of educational software with challenges, custom-designed study programs, as well as AI-hosted technical interviews.

What it does

In layman's terms, our program takes the school's taught concepts and turns them into something applicable to the real world. Our main features are:

Crash Courses:

  • Crash courses will teach students various critical skills with a live IDE, allowing students to directly modify the teacher's code on their own local account. Once changes are saved a new Git repository is made and will be compared to the original code using AI. Which will then highlight and verbally tell the student the changes of the editions.
  • After these changes are made, students will have the option to save or discard their editions, which will result in saving to their account or destroying the repo.

Coding Challenges:

  • Like their counterparts (such as LeetCode), these challenges will help the user apply their crash course knowledge to challenges. Allowing students to prepare for their technical interview.

AI-Hosted Technical Interviews:

  • The user will be prompted to complete a coding challenge live with an AI-bot. This bot will then compare the user's interview with other interviews analyzed by the bot. Along with the actual solution of the challenge, the bot will then provide these 3 pieces of information for the user. The rating of the solution based on efficiency and reusability, the rating of the communication aspect of the interview, and the crash course recommendation program to help improve on their weak points.

How we're different

  • Due to our mock interviews all being hosted by AI-bots, this decreases the amount of time users have to wait for an interviewer allowing the user to better prepare for the interview.
  • Our project custom-tailors the student's needs to properly grow their technical skills.

What's next for Student-Spot

  • We plan on advancing in our AI technology to create more user-specific cases and infinitely benefit more students.
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