Students often find trouble balancing the four aspects of student life (grades, nutrition, sleep and extra-curriculars)

What it does

Originally, the student would record his sleep schedule, his grades and the food he eats and time spent on extra-curriculars. Then it would suggest to the student how to maximize his grades all the while staying happy and healthy. The concept was to have daily, weekly and monthly reviews. However, the actual program only presents a blank main menu upon opening. Every button opens a new window.

How I built it

Using the library, I managed to create a GUI

Challenges I ran into

Finding a while loop that would permit the user to click on a button were they to click on a blank spot the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have created a GUI for the first time. With working buttons.

What I learned

I have learned about creating GUIs, how to determine if a button has been clicked on and how to creatively format strings in order to extract data.

What's next for Student Prosperity

I hope that it may one day be an android app where the data capable of being collected automatically or by smart watch is collected.

Built With

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