Students are always face with challenge of time management in school which has greatly affect the performance of the student either academically or socially. As a student I often found myself procrastinating on lots of things. Planning and losing tracks of plans. Setting session goals and losing tracks of them. Which is why I was able to come up with an idea on how to help improve the performance of students both academically and socially at the same time teaching students how to plan and manage themselves.

What it does

As the name implies, this app is a student planner. It does the following:

How I built it

I use Javafx, java, sqlite and css to develop the app. The User Interface was built using the Scene Builder and css. I used Java/Javafx to do the back end coding. i.e assignment methods and giving instructions in summary the coding.Im using sqlite as a temporary database.

Challenges I ran into

Short notice. I had a challenge with integrate database on the prototype as it will exceed given maximum file size

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This software is a great achievement cause i believe this software will be very useful to students and will greatly improve the behavior and performance of the student.

What I learned

Patience teaches a lot. A good idea is enough to start something

What's next for STUDENT PLANNER

Integrating of database and adding few features which i realized i haven't integrated such as Exam Time Table, reading time table, course assessment etc. There are some small features that im still working on. I heard to upload it cause but I intend to finish it

Built With

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