As part of Quality Listening Team, we heard many negative feedback about the borrower web sites and the agents not being able to assists in real time. This prototype offers a solution to address that.

What it does

Track & Trace is a subset of Loan Star Customer Journey that fills in the need to provide real-time support to the users who experience issues in using our systems. While Loan Star Customer Journey focuses on building significant analytics that provide information about site success and user experience, Track & Trace shifts the focus on real-time support.

How we built it

The user journey data gets collected in the Angular components, and then pushed at intervals to a back-end microservice that persists it into a relational database. A back-office application (web site) reads the data from this operational database and displays it to an agent user interface. The agent will then use the built-in features to search, list, and detail the user activities in the system.

Challenges we ran into

The data gets collected in the Angular page in two ways: 1) non-invasive and configurable; 2) minor-invasive with code added to the Angular components, to capture the data exchanged in the respective component. One of the challenges is to increase the "non-invasive" code, through configuration, while decreasing the "invasive" code. This requires deep analysis of the existing interactions and creativity.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Filling in a real business need with an interesting idea. Working as a team of people representing different disciplines in the same line of business (Customer Support, Software Development, Solution Architecture.)

What we learned

The solutions can address real business needs when people of various backgrounds put their hands together and contribute from different professional angles.

What's next for Student Lending - Track & Trace Customer Journey

We intend to share this idea with Student Lending Product Management team, with the intention to find ways to include it in the mainstream product.

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