I was inspired by my own experiences of online learning and how chaotic it was to adjust to this form of learning. Thus, I created this application to make life easier for students who are still doing online learning.

What it does

This app has 4 functionalities, it can:

  1. Play downloaded podcasts/music/tracks from your laptop and ## How I built it I built this application through the Visual Studio IDE, I utilized WinForms which is a desktop application creating software. I used C# as my main programming language, which is an OOP language very similar to Java and is widely used by the Microsoft corporation to develop robust and rich desktop/console applications. In addition, I used MySQL databases in order to save and select username/password logins. Database was also used to store all the notes from the voiceNotes application, flashCard application and videoLearn application in order to safely store the student's hard work. ## Challenges I ran into I ran into a lot of challenges working with databases. There was also a lot of problem working with the Speech.Synthesis module which recognizes voices. This was a difficult procedure since speech detection has a lot of flaws with recognizing speech since you need a large dataset in order to train the model. I utilized a dataset of 3000 commonly used english words to ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of I am proud of the overall design and functionality of this application. I am especially proud of the voiceNotes application since recognizing the voice and organizing it into a note was a very interesting feature and can help out a lot during teacher lectures where you can record them saying important pieces of information in order to study effectively later on. ## What I learned My knowledge of databases and designing interactive user interfaces increased tremendously through designing this application. I also learnt how to have aesthetic and simple animations in order to draw in the user to engage with the application effectively. ## What's next for Student Helper Student Helper would greatly benefit from a dialogBox which allows the users to retrieve the notes which they have written down. Another thing that would benefit this application could be the music player utilizing online API's in order to fetch and retrieve music from the web which the user can play and listen to.

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