App Overview

Have you ever visited an airplane museum? There is usually some form of simulation, such as a flight simulator. Those few seconds you were able to experience the cockpit of an F-16. You flew around feeling free as a bird, and if you happen to crash, you never had to pay the consequences, you were just a restart away from flying again. This is the idea behind Project RealWorld. RealWorld aims to bring real world simulation to the classroom, where if something goes wrong, there is no real world consequences. A student can memorize and regurgitate information; however, if they fail to understand the concept or theory, they will struggle to implement this in the real world. This is where RealWorld comes in! RealWorld is a scenario based learning program. It allows a teacher to create a scenario for the student to facilitate critical thinking.

App Details

RealWorld allows a teacher to login to RealWorld desktop application and create, edit, disable, enable, and delete assignments. Once an assignment is created and enabled, a student can log in to complete the assignment. Every question in the assignment stores its own scenario, which allows a teacher to adjust every scenario for every question if needed. RealWorld is a barebones application that can be used for any number of subjects and assignments, the possibilities are endless!

API Usage

Scope of Functionality

This program is mostly functional. Missing automatic grades upload due to time constraint on project. It is built to intergrate with any Pearson LearningStudio Campus, all that is needed is a username and password.


All libraries used in the project of located in repository with source code under /lib folder

Build Environment

  • Netbeans 8.0.2
  • JDK 1.8
  • SwingX 1.6.4 (Included in Project)

Application Configuration



Run /RealWorld/dist/RealWorld.jar


Developer - Nathan Smith

Graphic Design - Kyle Rossi


This project would not have been possible without Professor Kumar. Who informed me of the project and encouraged me through it.



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