We have joined an extra curriculum at University and have met people from all around the world. We then are all curious on where most of the international students are from in our school. This have eventually inspired us to work on this project.

What it does

Our project presents data in three aspects, student number in different faculties, categories and origins. We calculate the percentage changes and use R programming to show the trends throughout 2015-2020. We also discuss some potential impacts regarding student admission and make some suggestions for the university.

How we built it

We collected datas from the University database then we analyzed it by using R programming.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for us would definitely be coding. As we are all amateurs on programming, we weren't able to code out all the graphs smoothy. We had also experienced difficulties on uploading the project to Github.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We have a clear assignment and a clear logic, even if it's our first time in this type of competition.
  2. Our teamwork is very efficient. During the competition, everyone could focus, play their skills, communicate and cooperate effectively.
  3. We can use what we learned in UOE to analyze its data as well as trying to give it some suggestions

What we learned

We applied what we have learnt from lecture into real-world problem. After analysing data, we have a deeper understanding of our university.

What's next for Student Admission at the University of Edinburgh

We plan to share our insights with the University and other students by publishing it on the student newsletter email.

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