StückList started as an idea for a personal project, but between work and school we never seem to be able to get our own personal projects done. So why not spend 36 hours hacking away with your friends and accomplishing something that you will take home and use? We also won't stop developing when we get home, this project has the potential to allow us many more weekends of casual hacking.

What it does

StückList was designed with ease of use in mind. We want you to be able to keep track of every item you have in the kitchen, so when you are out shopping or planning your next 5 star meal, you know what you have and what you might need.

This is done by combining two fantastic programs Android Mobile Development and Amazon's Echo. The mobile application will allow you to see what products and quantity you currently have in your kitchen so while you are out shopping you know what you need before you get home.

While you are cooking you don't want to fumble and mess with your phone. This is where Alexia will allow you to have hands free communication with your inventory. Allowing you to tell her what items you are using so you have the most accurate representation of what products are in your kitchen next time you go shopping.

How we built it

Using a combination of our teams knowledge and assets we were able to each take a very dedicated roles to help each other. Using Android Studio, Java, and SQLite we were able to design the application that we have always wanted!

StückList was stück, more than once

There were many difficult challenges along the way. Ranging from, database issues to Amazon Web Services documentation. But allowing ourselves to be flexible and jump from one service to another allowed us to learn about different services and see how they each interacted with our product, till we found a solution that fit or shifting our product to fit the new constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team is very proud of our flexibility to adapt to situations as they came up. Not just sticking to one thing that we knew well, but allowing ourselves to explore new options that we may not have known existed. Allowing us to learn a multitude of new ideas, concepts and services. Thanks to the guidance of the sponsors and mentors that participated.

What we learned

Everyone on our team learned something new this weekend. Since we hit a few road bumps we were able to bounce from one service to another. None of which we were familiar with, allowing us to have a fantastic time learning together and overcoming those challenges.

StückList's Distant Future

Unfortunately we weren't able to get all features working at once. Now that VandyHacks III is over and we had a blast that doesn't mean the end for StückList. We plan on: *Developing and flushing out all of our features for Android *Creating a Rest API using Python/Flask to allow Alexia, Android, and any other service that uses a HTTP request to use our product! *Possible iOS application *Using Google Home and Firebase, to replace Alexia or have them create the singularity

Open Source

Our team strongly believes in open source! Allowing others to trade ideas, concepts, and designs. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can help contribute to something you love, or be able to use a design aspect that you haven't seen before.

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