Being a musician, it can be tedious to find other musicians to collaborate with, so I wanted to find a way to make it easier.

STRUM can match you with other musicians in your area based off of what instruments you are looking for or how serious of collaboration you would like.

Using python, I simply made a program to input user data into a file to create a unique profile for their STRUM page.

During this development, I changed the direction of the code multiple times, and along with other setbacks, had a hard-drive failure in the computer I was working on forcing me to re-code the program by memory with 2 hours left in the competition.

I am proud of this project coming together as well as it did because it explored aspects of python that I was not familiar with.

I learned a lot about dealing with lists and writing to files, particularly json files.

STRUM will catch on nationwide and hopefully globally to musicians convenience everywhere.

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