A tool does not exist yet to evaluate relational algebra and relational calculus.

What it does

The tool is designed to provide a space where the user can input a relational algebra query, like " Enrollment[ST#,C#] " which would result it the student number and course number columns from the Enrollment table being returned as a two column table.

How we built it

Our goal was to use HTML and CSS to develop a front end, and then pass a String back to the query engine (parser) to evaluate and produce a result

Challenges we ran into

developing the language parser/ evaluating the English query. something akin to a postfix notation is what we initially were aiming for, but that does not exactly translate to selecting columns from a table, i.e. the operands cannot be directly applied to the previous stack elements

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of the table commands work, and several parts of the query components are functioning. The HTML front end is functioning and set for applets to be placed

What we learned

parsing English words can be difficult.

What's next for Structured Query Relational Language

Our team intends to continue developing this tool and create the full language parser for relational algebra and relational calculus

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