Many a times, our speakers have too low a volume for everyone to listen. Here is when Stroom will come in handy. No matter what device you have, as long as you have a browser and are connected to the internet, you have all the speakers in your bags.

What it does

It creates virtual rooms and a single song playing in each room at an instant, streamed from soundcloud(PS: More streaming services support in TODO).

How we built it

We created a server in Node.JS along with Express, ejs and The server has a functionality to support many groups at one instant i.e. you can have Group A playing some song X and Group B playing some song Y. You can join any room and listen to the song playing. Sync is maintained in all devices by the server and also devices can manually sync via a button click.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest of all challenges has been syncing of music on various devices. The same has been achieved using timesync API. We can sync the music for upto 1/10th of a second now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An innovative idea was implemented in the hackthon in a short interval of time, which can be scaled to a launchable product. (We hacked time :P)

What we learned

  • We learnt creating rooms using NodeJS
  • We learnt networking using and making various server-client communications.
  • We learnt time synchronisation over the network using NTP protocol which is used in timesync.

What's next for Stroom

  • High scope of scaling up to various streaming services.
  • Putting up dedicated servers online
  • Creating fun virtual rooms which not just play music but can have various games, activities etc. too
  • Making user capable of sending songs to server and server queuing up music as a normal music playlist does.
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