We were inspired by the fact that because of COVID-19, small and local businesses have recently been struggling and the recent protests and movements, aimed towards making a change in minority communities. We wanted to show the intersection between small businesses and minority communities and how they can impact one another.

What it does

Stronger Together compiles links, information, and other resources to help support minority communities and small businesses.

How we built it

We used to write the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the website. Since the website also includes a Google Maps API, we created a Google Maps API key that we used within the JavaScript to make it work.

Challenges we ran into

While creating the website, we had trouble getting the Google Map to load directly in the browser on the local businesses page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of getting the Google Map to load in the local businesses page. We are also proud of adding and formatting the svg images on the home page, as it was something new.

What we learned

Through creating this website, we learned a lot of information about minority communities we were not familiar with. We also learned some new coding skills, such as creating a Google Map. We learned a lot about svg images and css formatting also.

What's next for Stronger Together

In the future, we hope to expand our website with more categories of resources to support minority communities, as well as update links when necessary. We would love to be able to add pinpoints on the map to show people highlighted local businesses near their area that they can support.

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