Desire to make something that can change the world Desire to make project that would capitalize our team's wide range of strengths A love of robotics

How it works

Spoken commands are recorded by a web browser and sent to IBM Watson to be processed. Information returned from Watson is sent to Intel Edison. Edison finds this command's entry in a table of values, and a corresponding group of digital signals are sent to Arduino. Arduino determines, based on the values of these signals, which command to execute. Then, Arduino sends power to certain servos on the robot arm in order to move it in one of many directions.

Challenges I ran into

3D-printer wait times were too high for our design Designing based on mechancial limitations of servos Getting Intel Edison board to work Properly syncing devices to wi-fi

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Bypassing wifi problems via cell phone Debugging Watson to become fully operational Developing the controls algorithms

What I learned

How to use AutoDesk Fusion How to use boolean logic to convert 5 digital inputs to any one of 19 different Arduino commands

What's next for StrongArm


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