Passwords today need to be hard to crack as they protect a lot of your personal information. Strong password generators do that, but what they output is a combination of random letters, numbers, and symbols, which are nearly impossible to remember. That's what inspired our idea to create a website that generates strong passwords for you using information you can't forget, so it is easy to remember your password

What it does

It takes basic information about you(eg. birthdate, phone number, anything you like), and adds a random piece of information to your name to create a password. It also replaces letters with, and adds, symbols to make it a strong password. Also you can choose to create any number of passwords you like, so you have more options to choose from

How we built it

There is a simple and interactive front-end created using html and css, while the logic is created using javascript. We tried to make it as fast and responsive as we could and it turned out amazing!!

Challenges we ran into

The original logic was coded in python. we tried to embed it in website but it did not work out as good as we expected. So we had to work for hours translating it to javascript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a simple, fast, responsive, and efficient website with just 7 hours of work. This was a huge achievement for us as we are not very experienced coders. Also this was our very first hackathon.

What we learned

A whole lot of new syntax!! As mentioned before, we are not advanced level coders, so a lot of what we wrote in the code was new for us. This led to learning a lot of new syntax, and develop our logic coding skills

What's next for Strong Password Generator

We believe with a little bit of work we can turn this website into a chrome extension that pops up every time you try to create a new password.

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