Though it is believed that technology brings people together, its ironic the people are only getting close virtually and are losing a physical connect. One such activity which brought family and friends together was shopping. E-commerce with low prices, home delivery and amazing deals have made shopping a matter of few clicks rather than the fun activity it once used to be.

What it does

Strolp tries to combine the best of both e-shopping and {physical shopping} and tries to strike a sweet balance which could be win-win for all the people involved. Selling in bulk has always been beneficial to the retailers. We often see a lot of deals on purchase of bulk quantity of goods rather than individual pieces. Tapping on this concept, with Strolp, retailers offer the best possible discounts when people visit them in numbers. Say brand X which generally sells its product for 100$ would sell it for 80$ if 10 people buy it in a group. This listing is made on Strolp. The shopper discovers such deals on the mobile application and indicates interest. Strolp takes the pain of finding other 9 people to avail the discount offered by brand X. As soon as there are enough number of people to avail the deal, a notification is sent to the shopper to visit the shop and make the purchase. This can be done in a group or individually. Say, you are new to the city or want to go shopping in a group to get some feedback, strolp has already found your friends!

Strolp also tries to optimize the deals for the retailers using our algorithm which generates dynamic deals based on various factors like the product on which the deal is offered, the people purchasing, the retailer, demographics of the region etc.

How I built it

We used meteor to build the application. UI is developed using Jade and Stylus. Our team comprised of two developers and a designer.

Challenges I ran into

We used this hackathon to explore and learn meteor. Being a new framework there were multiple places where we were stuck. But never-the-less this has been an amazing learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing an entire application + mobile app (meteor based) starting from scratch just in the duration of the hackathon. Trying to tackle something that seems be to opposite of what others are trying to build (a lot of hyper local e-commerce startups propping up) and trying to challenge them.

What I learned

Prioratization helps Steady pace of coding is better than bursts of intense coding sessions.

What's next for Strolp

Whats excites me the most about Strolp is not what we have already accomplished (though its really very cool), but the opportunity it opens up. With a good buy in, it will be poised to bring back the good old days of shopping topped with sweet deals.

Technologically, machine learning, AI, social integrations can be embedded making it as sophisticated and user and retailer focussed as possible. With the trend of e-commerce operating in loss for customer acquisition, this will be a refreshing approach which aims to strike a balance.

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